Missed your chance to back T.O.T.E.???

You can still support the project through the available late backer bundles below!

Hip hop Hooray

  • The New T.O.T.E.
  • The Original Tales of the Elements Complete
  • Tales of the Elements Wallpaper Pack


  • Everything included with the “Hip hop Hooray” tier
  • Additional Early Access Key

Award Tour

  • Everything included with “F.I.L.O.” & “Hip hop Hooray” tiers
  • A digital copy of the new soundtrack
  • Digital copies of Tales of the Elements FC & 2C albums

Touch the Sky

  • Everything included with ALL previous tiers
  • A digital copy of Astraverse

Hip hop Hooray Bundle

Get a discounted copy of the new T.O.T.E.


F.I.L.O. Bundle

Get an early access version of the new T.O.T.E.


Award Tour Bundle

Also get the new soundtrack and the original albums!


Touch The Sky Bundle

Additionally, receive a copy of Astraverse!


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