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Development Progress 12/30/18

Okay, so this time I decided to take some footage from a couple of weeks ago to showcase some things that I’ve gotten done for the month of December:

Setbacks and “Throw-away” BGM

This week, I’ve been dealing with this stupid bug while trying to import my animations into the game engine that I’m using and it’s taken about half the week to deal with the problem. Funny part was how simple it was to fix the issue…..

Races of the Ze’re System

There are 3 races in Astraverse–much like in Phantasy Star Online, the game that it mostly takes inspiration from. There are humans, an android race called “ADOLs”, and a mutant race called “Neomans.”

The Planets of Ze’re

I think it’s a good time to start talking a bit about the setting of Astraverse. Some of these things I may have briefly mentioned before but in this post, the goal is to go into a bit more detail.   Astraverse takes place in Ze’re, a fictional star system that contains 5 inhabitable planets: Jeavis, Ashara, Autovia, Croatis and…

Character Creation & Stuff

Ever since my wife and I came up with a decent number of outfits and hairstyles for the characters in the game, I decided to focus my efforts into finishing up the character creator. Here’s the song I composed for the character creation: The funny thing about making a character creator is that it’s not really hard to design. But,…