| The Plot

Welcome to Ze’re! You are one of many who have migrated to this recently discovered star system! You awaken aboard the space colony Vast III from cryosleep only holding on to a vague recollection of who you were before the intergalactic migration. As a Seeker on a quest to discover the secrets behind this new star system, it’s up to you to decide how the rest of your story plays out!

The Ze’re Star System

The Planets of Ze’re

Your quest will take you to each planet of the Ze’re system. Each planet is unique with their own look, feel and even their own cultures!

The Races of Ze’re |

| Humans

The first and oldest of the three races. It’s because of their scientific curiosity that the other races were eventually created. Humans dominate in civil roles and positions of authority. Moreover, some humans prefer their own kind over others which can sometimes lead to unfair treatment of the other races, especially the Luxe.

Luxe |

Human-like androids. Luxes make up the first race to ever be created by humans. Unfortunately, they are the most oppressed out of the three races despite the fact that they have been around for much longer than Neomans. Originally, they were created to serve the human race. However, advancements in AI technology and civil rights led to them being granted free will, developing the capacity to feel emotions, and gaining independence from human masters. Still, despite these social and technological advancements, they continue to struggle to gain a truthfully respectable place in society. Titles such as “android” or “robot” are offensive to them thus they prefer “Luxe.”

| Neomans

Neomans are artificially created beings made from a combination of human DNA and plasma. They are the youngest of the three races and were only made possible through the advancement of plasma technology. Because of their warm, plasma-infused anatomy, neomans prefer cooler environments. Although they have “superhuman” appearances and abilities, most Neomans are usually humble, quiet people who seek peaceful relations among the three races.

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