Hey, guys!

As you (probably) all know, Astraverse is NOW on Kickstarter!

And now that it’s been up for awhile, there’s something I want to talk about. This is going to be a long one…

Personally, I’ve never been the best at marketing. Even when I’ve tried to put into practice good marketing techniques/strategies–it’s always fallen flat for some strange reason. I’ve been producing and releasing music for about a decade and still, to this day, I have no reason why my promotion sucks! As a matter of fact, I’ve had people who follow me take note of that and say stuff like “You’re really good at what you do! Why aren’t you more popular?” LOL I always find that so funny.

And that’s OKAY because honestly, I don’t make music or develop games to become popular or famous. I do those things because I really love doing them. Games and music (and the creation of them) are passions of mine. But, time is a very important thing and I’m finding that the older I get, the less time I have for the things I love to do.

So, for Astraverse, my goal is to start making a living doing creative stuff that I love like this. I don’t actually want to be the next Jay-Z with my music or the next Hideo Kojima with my game development. I just want to be able to use my creative projects to put food on the table for me and my wife. And I want to start with taking Astraverse into full-time development.

What you guys have put into this is amazing and I greatly appreciate every bit despite the cards being stacked against us.

Unfortunately, though, the numbers are telling me that the Kickstarter will probably fail. Unfortunate, yes. Disappointing, of course. But, that does not mean it’s over–Not at all! Accepting circumstances does not mean giving up.

Fat Jon himself once told me that being unique would prove to be a “difficult path” for my music and that was true. It’s probably true with anything else including game development, but…

I didn’t start this passion project of mine, putting out hard work on it by myself for 3 years just for the world to tell me that they rather have another farming life sim or another souls-like title. (Not knocking on any titles specifically but this stuff seems to be really trending, lol). And just like my previous title, Tales of the Elements, I WILL FINISH this project! And even furthermore, I will make sure that it’s so good that people will, like my music, wonder why it doesn’t have the following that it deserves!

So, maybe we won’t make the goal. Who cares? Lol WE STILL HAVE 17 DAYS LEFT. We can still go out with a bang! And whether or not the game is funded through Kickstarter, we’re still going to make it happen!

I want you guys to know that I sincerely appreciate how supportive you’ve been. It may not seem like much but I’ve been seeing everyone pushing the project on Twitter and even in other places and it’s been much more than awesome to see how much of my enthusiasm you’ve shared for Astraverse.

Let’s keep the momentum going! It’s not over yet!

– LB

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