Astraverse Dev Log MAJOR Update 5/25/21!!!

A lot of stuff has been added since last month…

I don’t even know where to start! I feel like I’ve gotten more visibly done than in any other month—and the crazy part is that it’s just going to get turn out that way more and more as we move closer to completion!

Particles & Sounds!!!

Look at those sparks!

So, this one might not be the biggest change but it will definitely affect the way the game feels when it comes to combat and even some non-combat actions. I programmed a simple visual and sound effect feedback system for when attacks from players or enemies collide with….well, players and enemies. They’ll also be used for when objects are attacked for mining.

I cannot emphasize how much of a difference the game feels now! In the past couple years I’ve taken extra time to study how different games achieve a proper level of “crunchiness” in their game feel an combat and I’m finally seeing it pay off. So, hopefully you guys will be able to FEEL the combat once you get to play the demo!

Randomized Card Loot Shop

More than one player can shop at once!

This was supposed to be the hardest shop in the game to program and at the same time the most important one so I decided to tackle it first.

When formulating the design of Astraverse, I wanted to make the gameplay and lore harmonize with each other as much as possible. Another thing that I wanted was to make shops more relevant ESPECIALLY in the endgame grind. So, I decided that randomized loot would be found in shops rather than in drops from monsters. And for chests—they would be a lot harder to find in the game. I mean, why would monsters be carrying swords??? And why would there be random chests all over the place with valuable gear inside of them??? Besides, this would ensure that the endgame grind did not remove the need for shopping like a lot of other RPGs tend to do.

4-player co-op!!!!

Adventure for 4?

So, this one is a BIG one. Personally, I feel that one of the most important features for the game is the multiplayer. One of my favorite things about playing games like PSO while growing up was being able to play with my brother and other friends. And not many RPGs that offer an in-depth character creator allow for same-screen co-op. Later on, I’m planning to add lan and a direct host/join online system eventually.

We’re getting closer and closer to having a playable demo! I’ve run into some bugs that I’ll also need to work out of the game before than and of course I still have a few things to work out along the way.

Also, I wanted to add that for those who don’t know, I’m planning a Kickstarter for the game in July! I have a friend who’s helping me to spread the word and get the project promoted while I focus on the creative process. He’s been helping out with the Discord as well.

Moreover, K-Murdock, a fellow music producer known for his work with his Hip Hop group Panacea and for his work with Guinness World Record holder Mega Ran is also helping to contributing to the soundtrack. Trust me when I say this—he’s gonna kill it!

If you made it this far into this update, I want to thank you for reading! If you can, please tell a friend about the game, wishlist the game on Steam and feel free to leave a comment here to share your thoughts!

– LB

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