Setbacks and “Throw-away” BGM

The funny thing about game development (and pretty much any sort of creative project) is that there are almost always things that get cut from the final version.

Even though it’s quite early in Astraverse’s development, I’ve already chosen a couple of tracks to cut from the project–at least for now.

Now, a lot of people would probably disagree with me on this but there are a few reasons why I’ve cut some music stuff so early. For one thing–I’ve already composed about 60% – 70% of the entire soundtrack–Another main reason I’m making decisions on what goes and what stays is that my external hard drive just stopped working out of nowhere so I lost all of the project files for Astraverse’s music (along with all of the project files for the music I’ve produced, composed, recorded and released since 2010).

Fortunately, I had already saved every track that I had composed for Astraverse so far on to my local drive and a cloud drive. However, this means that I either have to re-do every track from scratch (if I ever wanted to change anything in them) or just treat them all as “final” versions.

This isn’t too much of a problem since I’ve spent a lot of time on the music already and I feel the tracks sound exactly the way I want them to. But there are a few tracks here and there that weren’t mixed well and a couple of them that I wasn’t sure I wanted to bring into the final game.

The following track was originally intended to be the BGM for the final area in the game (The Enemy Encounter version starts at 3:50).

There’s no need to worry about spoilers as this track’s been already replaced with something that I recently composed some time after my external hard drive failed.

And if you think it sounds good already–don’t worry, the new track is WAY better.

On the other hand, I MIGHT be able to find some use for this one somewhere in the game. But, there’s no plan for it now–I only need 12 environment tracks for the different places/planets that players will visit and those are already finished. I’m not worried about it right now.


This week, I’ve been dealing with this stupid bug while trying to import my animations into the game engine that I’m using and it’s taken about half the week to deal with the problem. Funny part was how simple it was to fix the issue. Even though the game engine’s compile window wasn’t explaining anything at all, it turned out to be that the names I was using for some files inside of the animation program were too long. After stressing out for about a couple of days, I ended up trying to rename everything and it finally worked!

Normally, I’d say this was a waste of time, but in reality, I learned something useful about importing my animations into the game engine that’ll save me the trouble for later on. Once I have some money to put into the project, I’m going to invest in a better animation program that will hopefully be more compatible with the game engine that I’m using (and hopefully will result in less issues like this week’s).


To be honest, this setback hit my schedule kinda hard and even though I’ve pretty much hit the ground running again with the game’s development ever since I fixed the problem, I don’t think I’ll be able to wrap up the character creator just yet.

But, there’s still this weekend so we’ll see what I can get done.

In the meantime, I’ll try to have something “special” prepared just in case I’m not able to follow through with that character creator by my next post.


– LB

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