Races of the Ze’re System

Yep, that’s right–we have more lore in this post but a small update, too.

In Astraverse, there are 3 races: Humans, ADOLs and Neomans.

Male ADOL.png

ADOLs were the first race to be created by humans. The name ADOL is an acronym which stands for “Artifical Design(s) Of Life.” To put it simply, they’re androids–but in Ze’re, if a person calls them an “android” it’s like a negative racial term. ADOLs excel in physical strength but they are the weakest when it comes to using “Formulas” (which is Astraverse’s science-fiction equivalent to most RPGs’ “magic”). Unlike most robots in science-fiction stories, Adols are very human-like in that they can understand and feel emotions.

Female Neoman Adept2.PNG

Neomans are the youngest of the 3 races and they are made up of human DNA enfused with a form of energy called “plasma”–the same energy that is technologically altered to create “Formulas.” Because of this genetic alteration, Neomans have a much stronger connection to plasma allowing them to create stronger formulas. A side-effect of plasma mutation is a weaker body, so Neomans have less endurance and strength than the other 2 races.


Human Male

Humans are (obviously) the default/regular/normal/typical/average race with balancedabilities and appearances. Pretty much nothing notable here besides their back story. The humans of Astraverse’s story created the other 2 races and because of that, they tend to think they are better than the other 2 races.





I will make posts that showcases the ADOLs and Neomans as individual races.

Here’s a small update:

I’ve been working on a lot of GUI-related stuff this week. I kind of underestimated the need for that which is funny because the game is an RPG. I think this is because my last game was developed in the RPG Maker engine so I didn’t really need to worry much about UI stuff outside of customizing system and dialogue windows.

Here’s what a character’s basic gameplay hud will look like:

Astraverse gameplay UI final (blank example).png

The 4 hexagons at the bottom represent the “button palette”. This is where weapons, skills and items will be equipped. There are 4 more button palette slots available for when a player holds down the “R” trigger/button and also 4 more for when they’re holding down the “L” trigger/button. Altogether, there are 12 different button palette slots available.

I’m choosing to place this hub at the upper left corner of the screen for the first player and for other players–at the other 3 corners of the screen. I wanted to reduce as much UI clutter as possible on the screen because I want the environments to be very visible and the gameplay to feel as immersive as possible.

This week, I’m planning to finally finish up the character creation as I got a bit “sidetracked” with this hub stuff. Hopefully by the time I next post here, I’ll have a video showcasing it!

– LB


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