Development Progress 12/9/18

So, how far is this game in development? — Let’s say further than a game should be when you start a game development blog.

Seriously. I’m actually able to see the light at the end of the tunnel for a playable prototype of the game!

Title Screen Track

First off, MUSIC–to me–is one of the most important aspects to the overall “feel” of a game. So, early on, I composed and produced most of the game’s soundtrack. I would say it’s about 70% finished. There are already 26 songs in the game’s project folder!

The demo will include some things that are sorta “non-essential” for a game demo such as the character creator but I feel like the game isn’t really the game without the character editor so–yes, we can still enjoy wasting a bunch of time in the character creator/editor in the demo!

Right now, I’m working on what’s planned to be the first planet that players will visit, Ashara. Not much has been done with it but I have created one of the variations for the backgrounds and with that came the basic framework for most of the game’s areas.

A screenshot I took a few months back when I was testing out the background layers. I’ll be adding more polish later!

That means that all I have to do now is make the background parts for the other variations of the background and place a few things here and there to generate a new possible area. Once the background parts are together, it only takes a few minutes to do the rest of that. The reason for this is that I’m using a development method I heard about called “sandboxing” which means that I make all of the necessary parts to a game so that they are ready to be used in the game before I build levels/maps/areas. This also helps me to balance things and make it all ready for random generation.

On the side of characters and stuff–my wife (who’s helping with art), is doing out first shop npc. We’ll be designing the shops as a cross between the ones in the PSU games and PSO2 as well as the shops in the old Dungeons and Dragons arcade games–totally random and seemingly unrelated but there’s a method to my madness, I promise.

Just a few possible characters that can be made when creating a character for the first time

The playable characters are all “composite” so players will first have to make a character before they can play. Almost every part of the available customization options for characters are already finished. Just a few little things to add and adjust and it’ll be fully ready. I’ve also programmed the character creator but I need to put together the UI and, of course, make it all work together. The plan is to have that done this week.

The title screen is already finished but there’s something I’d like to adjust with it.

And so ends my progress report. Subscribe to hear more updates in the future!


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