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A “Phantasy” Sci-fi Universe Created By 1 Person

featuring detailed character customization, incredible music, unique planets to explore and choice-driven quests for up to 4 players

Astraverse is an action Beat ’em up RPG for up to 4 players featuring a uniquely produced soundtrack, hand-drawn visuals and choice-driven scenarios that can alter quests, story and even character builds.

Build Your Character

Create your own character and personalize them with customizable features. Choose your hairstyle, face, skin color, race, outfits and even your character’s background story!

Become a Seeker

Battle to protect the citizens of each planet against a mysterious force of enemies formed by a parasitic virus mutation! Build your strength by leveling up from experience and finding stronger loot using Plasma-powered technology!

Explore a Unique Universe

Discover the cultures, experiences and secrets of each planet expressed through hand-drawn environments and given life by an impressive soundtrack created by the solo-developer of the game, Last BeNeVoLeNcE!

Choose Your Own Adventure

Immerse yourself in narrative choice-driven quests that feature a unique style of story telling where your choices can influence the way your tale plays out!

Adventure with Friends

Have the choice of experiencing this adventure alone or with friends. Every feature has been designed to be played with up to 4-player shared-screen couch co-op!

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